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    Question Replacement EMS unit

    Currently, we have a 1988 PL Custom body on a Ford E-350 chassis, however due to some transmission problems (more metal in the PAN than ON the transmission!) it will soon be replaced. We are a small, urban, volunteer dept. running 550 calls a year with ~60% or more being EMS and, of course, with that goes a variety of opinions. They range from the purchase of a Chevy Suburban type vehicle to a new Rescue Co and using our current Rescue Co. (1996 Cyle Craft on a FL-70 Chassis) as our replacement EMS unit.

    I was wondering what type of unit you use for your EMS runs...be it a Paramedic Engine/Rescue Pumper, or whatever....we do not transport..even our own men..but I would like to know about all types. What has worked best for you? What would you change in your next purchase? How long has the unit been in service and what types of service problems have been encountered?
    Any info you pass along would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you..

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    Everything in the station can run first responder. Usually engines with defibs run first, but we have a pick up and a suburban which run with smaller crews. I like the suburban for smaller crews, but prefer an engine if we have 4 or more.

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    We recently got a suburban first responder unit with a cabinet in the back with pull out trays. It keeps all our equipment at quick reach, we got a folding backboard to go in with the rest of the equipment. We like it cause it alows a crew of 5 to go(can be tight) but it is quick and if we have a fire we use it as a transporter. Seems to work well for us. We run about 115 ems calls a year.

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    What you guys need is another engine with room for EMS gear! This way you have 2 engines, a truck, and then that heavy rescue for all the tools.

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