My name is Captain Jason Malloy. I am a fire fighter and medic with Community Rescue Service in Hagerstown, Maryland.

I have recently started my own business designing websites. One of my clients is Allsafe Fire Trucks, Inc. Allsafe is a sales representative for KME and they are also located in Hagerstown, Maryland.

Within Allsafe's web site, I am designing a page titled KME "Hot Shots." This page will be dedicated to KME apparatus in action. These action shots can be from a simple house fire to a technical rescue to the largest blaze in the history of your department. What I need from you, the fire and rescue community, are pictures that fit this category, any piece of KME apparatus in action on a scene.

I am also going to design a page for recent purchases of KME apparatus through Allsafe Fire Trucks, Inc. I would like to place pictures of any KME apparatus purchases within the last 2 years on this page.

If you could let me know ASAP if you have any such pictures, I would appreciate it as I may be able to use the pictures of your apparatus on Allsafe's web site.

Thank You,
Captain Jason Malloy