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    Question New Rescue Unit..Looking for suggestions

    Just this last week, I was promoted to a Captain position within my Department. I have been assigned the Medical Duties, and one of the upcoming projects to begin planning is the purchase of a new Rescue BLS Unit. Our entire Officer contingent is of the same opinion that we would like to see the new Rescue have pumping capabilities of some kind. If any of you guys have gone through a purchase like this, or have any kind of info I would really appreciate it. I plan on contacting manufacturers, but wanted to start with the ones the most in the know; the customers themselves. Thanks in advance!

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    Let me ask you a question before i comment.

    1) Is this more of a rescue, first response vehicle, rather than a transport ambulance?

    2) What is your anticipated use of this vehicle?

    I would love to offer suggestions, but I need that info first.

    Stay safe,


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    It would be a Basic First Response Unit, BLS, non-transporting normally. The main use of the rig would be to respond to local EMS calls, MVA's, and small fires or calls with limited manpower.

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    First thing to do is determine how much equipment is going to be put on this apparatus. This should give manufacturers a starting point of what size chassis you will need..This also gives them an idea of horsepower, axle loads, rear end gearing and the like. Next tell the manufacturer how many runs you are planning to take this rig on. We just found out that our rig was "going on too many runs" (1700/yr for 5 years), their words. This manufacturer knew the unit was busy, but apparently it wasn't built for the running it goes on. Currently running it thru city attorneys to see if we can go thru lemon law to return rig. Sorry but I won't name manufacturer, let's just say some major cities love this company. Good luck on your purchase.

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    Our department just took delivery of a, shall I say, midi-rescue. It is on a International Lo-profile chassis with 230 hp motor. It has a 500 gpm pump and 500 gal. of water w/ a FoamPro class A foam system. The rescue has a suprising amount of compartment space.
    This vehicle is a multi-purpose unit that will run on first-responder calls, MVA's, still alarm fires and fires at certain locations. This truck will allow us to run these type of calls and not be "stuck" without the ability to at least start firefighting. Now at this time the truck isn't even in service yet so I can't comment on actually how useful the truck will be, but we plan it to be the busiest vehicle in our fleet by far.
    Those "fires in certain locations" will include structures that are built far off of roadways w/ narrow drives difficult for larger apparatus to get to. I will try to post some photos of the vehicle soon.

    Paul Gould, Jr.
    Montgomery, TX

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