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    Question Future apparatus purchase for dept. in transition.

    Our dept. is going through a transition from a all fire calls to fire/some rescue/EMS asst calls. Our calls used to break down 60% car fire/wrecks, 20% brush, and 10% structure (more or less). Adding EMS assist calls will probably double our call load. We are basically all volly with 2 paid men on day shift and 1 paid, 2 volly at night. We currently have the paid man running the EMS calls with our 750 gal pumper unit which is outfitted for wrecks/car fires (EMS bag, jaws, stokes basket, backboard, as well as fire equipment). Our apparatus consists of 2 100 gal pumper/tankers, 1 brush pickup, the 750 gal wreck truck mentioned above and we are currently in the process of purchasing a new 100 gal crewcab front line pumper. The brush unit will probably be the next to be replaced. Some of the men think that the current arrangement will work best due to the situation of a truck being out on or returning from a EMS call and receiving a fire call. However, there are others that think that the purchase of a new brush unit and equiping it as a EMS assist/light rescue unit would be more efficient, with the possibility of having wreck unit tied up on a EMS call (our most frequent type call) when it may be needed on a wreck scene (our second most frequent type call). OK GUYS AND GALS, HAVE AT IT. I'm really interested if there is a prespective we have missed with this. Like I said, we are new to this EMS/Rescue stuff. Sorry this is so long winded but I wanted to give you the whole picture.

    Kevin Sink
    Fair Grove Fire Dept.
    Thomasville, NC USA

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    Who's to say you need to get rid of the 7560 gpm Rescue pumper? With your mix of runs shifting to more EMS as well as the number of runs going up, two fully "EMS capable" rigs in the fleet would probably be a winner.

    Just a thought

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    If it was my decision I would be buying a combo Rescue/Attack truck or a Rescue with a pump and water. Like you said yourself 60% of your calls require alot of water. With the new class A and B foams water works alot better and goes along way. What I have in mind is a Economical custom chassis of a comercial chassis with a 500-1000gpm pto pump, 500 gallons of water, 20 of class A, 20 of class B, two or three preconnected attack lines, minimal supply line (500ft), and a rescue style body with high side full depth compartments on both sides. Keep it short and very manuverable. You can also put the pump panel almost anywhere you want. This type of apparatus could answer 80-90% of your calls and carry all of your equipment needed on vehicle accidents, EMS runs, and basic rescue calls. It will still handle auto fires and other single engine calls and is capable to attack a structure fire should it arrive first. Let me know if you need anymore info. I can lead you in several directions. Take care and be safe. FGN

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    The department i work for is similar. We have one during the day and two at night. We took delivery of pierce rescue-pumper on a frightliner chassis last year. We designed the truck to run 80% of our calls (emc, car accidents, car fires etc). The truck is set up as a classa pumper. It carries 500 gallon water 40 foam, 1250gpm pump, front suction, prepiped jaws unit, diesal genator, cascade system. Those are the high points. At first everyone said man is this a big truck (single axle). But for all the times we were coming back from a ems call and got a car or structure fire or accident, the truck paid for it self. If you want additional info, let me know. I've enclosed a picture of rescue 1.

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    Kevin sorry the picture didn't go through. Try this page.

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