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    Sand Creek Lynn
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    Post Darley Engines. Opinions?

    I never hear Darley engines mentioned in this forum. They are popular were I am because they are manufactured here but I'm curious
    to hear the opinion of others. Have one? Like it? Comments?

    By the way the Rattlesnake Col. "superengines" were made by Darley.

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    We have four Darley's. Two 2500 gallon/2300 gpm pump and roll CAFS quads with 1 mile LDH beds, 3600 feet of attack line in 15 attack lines (8 x 150' 1" and 2", 4 x 400' 2" and 1", 1 x 50' 1", 2 x 375 foot 3" with 1000 gpm tips), 170 feet of ground ladders (2 each 35', 24' 10' and 14') and 10 man cabs, 20 KW generators, 6KW light mast, 17KW of flood lighting, 8 cord reels with lights attached on 1600 feet of cord, full heavy rescue compliment of equipment, 470 hp, side dumps, precon hard suction squirrel tail lines, imagers, radio PASS, 5000 gal drop tanks, dual 2000 gpm deck guns remote control, roof mounted water level gauges, 90 gallons of 1% AFFF, 100 gallons of Class A, 25 gallons of Gel, two foam systems, 10 scba and 12 bottles. We bought them fully equipped with all hose, water, foam and loose equipment loaded at the factory.

    And a pair of quints with the same spec's as the engines with a few exceptions 2000 gallon tank, only 1/2 mile of LDH, no light mast instead the aerial has 6500 watts of lighting, and 9 cord reel lights. 80,000 miles so far and all is well.

    They were a big part of the reason we are a Class 1 volunteer fire department.

    You can see them at:

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    Our 1986 Engine is a Darley, too.

    So far it's been a solid, reliable truck.

    They were one of the few (only?) manufacturers willing to build a very unusual truck (it has a 5000' 5" reel on it )

    I think you don't hear about them as much because, at least in my area, most of the Darleys are plain jane front mount pumper-tankers.

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    I have been to the website many times, but I can't find answers to a couple of questions. How much was each rig, pumper compared to the aerial? Who paid for the rigs and if it was the community, how did you convice them to spend all that money? Thanks.

    Eric W. Schmitt
    Assistant Chief
    Harrison Hills VFC #4
    Natrona Heights, PA


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    ...How much was each rig, pumper compared to the aerial? ...

    Engines $380K Ladders $460K fully equipped turn key ready.

    ....Who paid for the rigs...

    City and county taxpayers.

    ...and if it was the community, how did you convice them to spend all that money?...

    Real simple actually, It took one meeting to ge authorization and 28 days total from th time the idea was presented, spec's were drawn up and sent out until the bids were awarded. The concept goes like this, give us $18 a home we will save you $850 a year in fire insurane fr e next 15 years by lowering the insurance rating from a CLass 5/9/1 to a Class 1/3. The same concept helped other departments in WI, CO, TX, NM, CA, OR, get all new fleets as well in very short periods of time.

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    Stuart Cobb
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    Our last three trucks were built by Darley. I believe they are now all built in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.

    Good, reliable trucks.

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    I know of a few departments in our area who have Darley built engines. Most of them have had at least one problem with each of these pieces of apparatus. Some were minor and some where major. Darley builts an Excellent fire pump hands down. What they usually don't do is built their own body. I will admit I like the Rattlesnake truck with the poly body and a few other custom Darley apparatus I have seen. I don't like the all in one trucks. Their is no way that sized apparatus could effectively operate in our area. I also don't agree with putting all your eggs in one basket. Dual purpose apparatus is a good thing. I also know their are several other manufacters who built top shelf totally custom apparatus at the same prices. Shop around. I also agree with location. It is smart to buy a truck built close to you if the manufacture can give you what you want. I do think it is kind of silly to buy a piece of apparatus from one apparatus builder with another apparatus builders body on it.
    Why not just buy the whole works from the body builder???
    How can this be any cheaper???
    I would like to hear replies on all of these ideas and comments. Be Safe All. FireGuyNeil.

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    I don't think we need to re-hash Larry's trucks here...because that has nothing what so ever to do with Darley.

    Darley built them for the same reason they built our Engine -- they're one of the few companies willing to take on unusual trucks.

    I also wouldn't worry about the body builder -- Darley usually contracts with 3D who has a very good reputation. And 3D has now been assimilated by the Borg, uh, Freightliner.

    Darley does what Darley knows best...the pumps and the "fire truck" mechanicals like plumbing and tanks. So if they contract out the body building to a company that specializes in it that means?

    What else would one insist on from a single source? The Chassis? Ok, Pierce, E-One, AmLaf, Ferra. How 'bout the pump? Well, Waterous and Hale don't build fire trucks. How 'bout the engine and transmission? Nope, haven't seen Allison, Cummins, or Detroit Diesel screaming to start building fire trucks. Tanks? Well, you better be buying a Poly-E Fiberglass or UPF Plastic tank. Are you going to argue that the company that bends the sheetmetal for the body also must make the tank so no one can dispute responsibility?

    **NO ONE** builds a complete fire truck from Engine through Transmission to the Chassis and Pump.

    I'm not sure that there is even that big of a difference between manufacturers EXCEPT WILLINGNESS TO BUILD A TRUCK FOR A PARTICULAR PRICE. If you're competing for business with departments that want it all on a low price truck, then materials & workmanship are going to be compromised. If you spend the money for better doors, latches, better compartment liners, and all the little details that differentiate a great truck from an average one, they can all build it, and all build it for about the same price. It's just some companies like Pierce doesn't compete for the lowest bids...Ferra doesn't go for the high end...and others like Darley stake there ground in good middle of the road apparatus.

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