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    Andrew R. Duval
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    Question Apparatus "Specs"

    We are in the process of writing "specs" for a new Engine. What I'm looking for is some ideas on what we should put in the specs and the things that can be left out.


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    Do yourself a favor and pick up the NFPA 1901 book. It has all the required stuff and a form to fill out on spec's....

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    We will be getting our new engine in June 2000. I'll just put downt the items we have put on and you can pick and choose.

    6 man opps member cab
    open top-mount pump
    1000 gal poly
    2 40 gal foam cells class A and B
    2000 gpm single stage waterous
    extended bumper with tray for 100' 1 3/4 foam
    front, rear and both sides 6" intake
    two speedlays below pump panel
    200' 2" foam
    150' 1 3/4" no foam
    1 2 1/2" discharge both sides
    1 LDH disch each side
    1 200' 2 1/2" crosslay
    1 2 1/2 discharge piped into rear hosebed
    deck gun with 3" pipe
    hose bed for 1200' of 5" plus two dividers for 3" and 2 1/2"
    hyd ladder rack
    pull out tray rear comp. for 14 air bottles standing up.
    generator right side rear comp. with plenty of lighting

    Hope this helps.

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    Get a hydraulic generator. We flip a switch enroute to the call, the generator engages and the quartz lights light up the night. The best thing of all is the generator never needs gas or oil, just a running diesel engine - beautiful!

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    Not knowing what you are looking for in respect to pump, tank size, hose capacity, and equipment it is hard to give and recommendations. Just remember that if you dont spell it out in your spec's the manufacturer's won't build what you want. You have to be very specific and detailed or you will end up with a product that doe's not meet your need's or want's.

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    Ask your front line guys what they want in a new engine. Too many "white shirts" are making the decision for the whole department without even asking the guys who ride the rigs. Go with a Pierce engine, about a 750 to 1000 gwt, and 1250-1500 gpm pump. Also you should look into getting a Telesquirt or Quint that can act as an engine or ladder first due.

    Safety first, then the hero stuff, or is it the other way?

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    One of the things that we learned is that you should build your engine around your equipment.I am a big fan of E-one.Also keep in mind that all the bells and whistles can become a huge maintenance problem later in life.Simplicity that does the job is the name of the game.Decide what you need,and build the truck to fit.

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    Pick a couple of manufacturers and GO VISIT them. It is the best money that could be spent. Know what your getting into before you build it.

    townby IAFF 3649

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