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    Post Ford 350/450/550 overheat

    Has anybody heard of Ford Power Stroke Diesel engines in Ford F350, 450 (Superduty) and new 550 cab models, overheating or getting hot because the air intake was blocked by a grille guard, siren or grille lights????

    During specs of our new rig (a light rescue with a Ford Power Stroke Diesel in 550 cab), we wanted to mount a full, wrap around chrome brush/grille guard. We wanted to e able to put dual siren speakers and some fog/grille lights in it like some of our older rigs. We were told that we can't put anything in front of the grille because it blocks the air intake. The manufacturer also told us that they don't mount anything to the bumper because it interferes with the air bag sensors.

    I have seen numerous vehicles of this type, private sector and emergency vehicles with grille guards etc. Am I getting false information or is the manufacturer trying to cover his butt if something goes wrong????

    Rescue Lt. Kevin C. (aka Pokey)

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    I think you have a case of dealer covering butt through misinterpretation of Ford guidelines.

    My station has a 1997 F-Super Duty (now a F-450) w/ Power Stroke Medium Duty Rescue & we have dual 3" X 7" lights & siren speakers in the grille and have not had any trouble with overheating (And if I did this right there should be a picture below here) but I'm not sure how much air intake area was lost when Ford switched to the new front end design.

    Ford publishes a book every year called "The Ford Body Builders Manual" that gives all the information (Including required minimum air space on the grill) that you'd ever want to know about every truck & van they make.

    Unfortunately I no longer have my 1997 copy nor do I remember the fax number to request one, BUT your local Ford Truck dealer should have one that you can at least look through (and the number to request your own copy will be in the book as well).

    If my memory & interpretation of the 1997 year model book is correct, the clear space requirement only applied to things mounted directly in the grille. If you mount your lights/speakers to the grille guard itself (and have sufficient air gap between the guard & grille) I do not foresee you having any problems.

    As for the question about mounting things to the bumper interfering w/ air bag sensors - I have no real idea. I would talk to a Ford Truck dealer and see what the Body Builders manual for your year model truck had to say about it.

    Disclaimer - I am NOT a mechanic or apparatus builder just a truck/apparatus fanatic.

    Good Luck with the truck
    Take Care - Stay Safe


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    the service I volunteer on runs with two ford F-350's one is a 1994 and the other is a 1999. the 99' has dual air horns built into the bumper, dual sirens into the corners of the hood and alternating halogen lights in the grill, we havent had any trouble with overheating.

    just my two cents
    Jamie Tlachac EMT-I

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