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    Question stainless steel or aluminum

    What is better Stainless Steel or Aluminum for apparatus body? I am interested in hearing about good and especially bad experiences with body integrity, paint quality and any other problems.
    What is the difference in 3/16" aluminum verses 1/8" aluminum other than 1/16" of an inch?
    Any input would be appreciated

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    Lt. Dan

    There many schools of thought on S/S versus Alum. When it comes to strength if I remember correctly you have to double the thickness of al to get the same strength as S/S. I know a body builder that says 3/16" al will fracture when put in a brake press and bent to 90*. I used to work for an apparatus builder who did it all the time. There are only a very few chassis manufacturers who use S/S on a custom cab. I know one who says it can't make the radi on the fromt top of the cab, but that can be done I drive a S/S chassis truck at work. Paint is another concern. The seal on all holes in the al must be sealed and preferablly oversized for the fastener that goes through it. The manufacturer I worked for had that problem with thier hinged doors they corrected it while I was there and have not had many problems. Mack had some problems in the late 80's with paint peeling because they preped the cabs but did not paint them for some time.

    To end my rambling I like aluminum for light rescues and quick retirement vehicles and Stainless Steel for larger 20+ year apparatus.

    I am sure I will be corrected by a million people, but like they say everyone has an opinion and something else.


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    Cant we please talk about galvannealed steel?

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    Galveneal Steel?

    If you beat the crap out of your trucks like FDNY does or live in the west or plains where salt isn't a problem it might work for you. If I remember FDNY uses it cause it's easier to deal with for the body shop. I would only buy galveneal in a Chief's car or truck never on a body of a fire apparatus.

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