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    Post Ferrara rescue engines

    ANY DEPT'S out there running ferrara engines with a rescue type body. we are looking along the lines of HD pumper with a 1'000 water,2'000 pump,8 man cab,100 gals type and type b foam.any info on this well be appriciated. we currently run a '84 pierce dash.


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    You're dept is switching from Pierce to Ferrara?...You're kidding right. I hope you don't buy the economy type std. engine from Ferrara. My dept. recently bought the econo trucks and wow do they suck. One of them sound like a coffee can full of nuts and bolts getting shaken as it goes down the road. My previous dept. has Pierce and won't buy anything else. Ferrara, just say no!

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    My station bought an inferno rescue pumper and we love it

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    Default Ferrara???????????????

    Hopefully the originator of this thread DIDN'T buy a Ferrara. We don't have any of them but a neighboring FD has 3. An Engine on an ALF 134 Chassis, and 2 Rescue bodies on GMC Top Kick Chassis. One is a heavy rescue and the other is a haz-mat truck. For ANYONE considering a Ferrara make sure you specify doors on your compartments. According to the factory, doors are NOT a body component but ACCESSORIES, therefore not covered by the body warranty.

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    Exclamation Inferno Rescue Pumper

    Nokesville Volunteer Fire Department, located in Prince William County, VA has recently placed a 2003 Ferrara Inferno rescue pumper in service, equipped with a 2000gpm pump and 1000 gallons of water.

    Take a look at it on the Virginia Fire News website at:

    (BTW, I'm associated with the magazine, not the FD!)

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