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    Post designing a new rescue

    We are in the process of designing a new heavy rescue. We are looking for feedback on the different options when powering our hydraulic rescue tools. Some of options are pto driven hydraulics, the xrt system which is powered by a deisel generator or utilize our 3 portable power units we have now. Please reply with any info that would help us

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    pto + portable is how we do it - it works well for us. we have the portable crap out on a snowy night in 10 degree weather and we were able to keep on cutting off the truck. the opposite is also true, we have had the pto get stuck in gear rendering it useless. Just don't put all your eggs in one basket. We are also in the process of spec'ing a new rescue and will have either a generator/pto and portable units on it. Good luck

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    Concerning the XRT/Westerbeke combination Diesel Generator and Hydraulic Pump...

    I was psyched to finally see this thing demo'd. It seemed like a great idea. *I* like the idea of having the AC power system not rely on the truck to make power. I'm a big fan of stand-alone onboard diesel generators. To toss a hydraulic pump onto the shaft of the generator seems like an even better idea.


    I was less than impressed with the performance of the hydraulic pump. We used the XRT tools that were with the demo, and our own tools. Tool operation was painfully slow just opening and closing, and very unimpressive when we started cutting and spreading.

    I still think the Amkus Ultimate System is the way to go. Then, you usually still have a PTO leftover for an air compressor for CAFS or something. I would recommend looking into standalone diesel generators though. Yeah, 1 more engine system to maintain, but I think it's worth it.

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    PTO as well as portable. When designing, think of ways that will make your rescue "Never Fail". Also, think about adding a few Dewault battery powered saws etc. : )

    Take Care and Be Safe

    John Williams
    Clairton Fire Dept

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