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    Post onboard air systems

    We are designing a new rescue truck and are looking for a air system to power our tools and air bags. We have seen pto driven, hydraulic pumps that power a pump, and also electric pumps. We are looking for any input or ideas you may have.

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    Daniel Barr
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    go to www.breathingair.com this will show you all that is available for your need. If you want to combine breathing air and tool air such as my department has done. I would recommend using your cascade system to run your tools. I would also recommend a Haskel Booster pump so you can use 50% more of your available air to fill SCBA bottles.

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    No, a compressor is not a compressor. (not something you wish to here from a salesman)
    There are breathing air compressors and utility (shop) air compressors.
    A breathing air compressor is very expensive as it filters the air and also compresses it to pressures much higher than you would ever need to run air tools.
    You can run air tools off high pressure breathing air with the use of regulators, but you can not breath off low pressure utility air.
    A combined system is a good way to save money if you intend to do both, but if you simply want air for tools only, a breathing air compressor would be too costly and too large. Design your system for what you intend to use it for.
    You have so many options and its worth spending the time now to find what is perfect for your operations.

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    A three bottle cascade system will serve both needs. Refill your SCBA bottles and have a regulated supply to your air tool reels.

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    I agree with the cascade system. We use our system to refill air bottles at the scene far more often than powering tools.

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