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    S. J. KLOV Guest

    Question Diamondplate

    Does anyone have any good ideas on how to clean Diamondplate?

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    Chief Sanborn CFR Guest


    Spray on mag wheel cleaner. Spray it on, let it soak, rinse it off.

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    rbf Guest


    There is a company that make a chemical specifically designed for the diamond plate. You dilute this with water per the instructions and spray on and rinse off. You may scrub with a brush for stubborn stains, but this stuff is fantastic. We were amazed at the results.

    The product's manufacturer is

    Royal Chemical Company
    PO Box 620710
    Flushing, NY 11362

    Phone: 800-942-2024

    BE SAFE!

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    athenaeum Guest


    What kind of Diamond plate are you all talking about? Aluminum or Stainless and what finish?

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    S. J. KLOV Guest


    The Diamond plate is stainless steel and what types of finishes are their?

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    WOODMAN Guest


    Diamond plate comes in Stainless Steel and it also comes in Aluminum.Most newer trucks have it in aluminium where as the older trucks more likely have Stainless Steel.But the place in New York should be able to help you.


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    E229Lt Guest


    Anything but paint!

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    SYSIPHUS Guest


    Gojo hand cleaner and a brush with some water work pretty well, then wash as normal.
    A little labor intensive but it gets the grime off well.

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    athenaeum Guest


    Stainless TP is nomaly not a reflective type finish but aluminum can be. Be carfull not to use abraisive cleaners on alum as it can dull the finish. For SS TP try some industrial kitchen cleaner like is used in restaurants to clean refrig and large stoves. You can get it at any rest supply store. I think its mineral spirits. Remember that SS TP will not stain or rot so its a surface dirt and grime issue. Good luck.

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    fire-dogg Guest


    Mag wheel POLISH and elbow grease work well. If you have access to a buffer that would cut out some of the elbow grease involved. Let me know how it does.

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    pokeyfd12 Guest


    For aluminum tread/diamond plate, Mothers chrome/aluminum polish, Eagle One E grade chrome polish and Flitz metal polish are some of the best cleaners out there.

    They take a little elbow grease and alot of clean, soft, white rags but the finish is outstanding.

    This stuff also works great on wheel covers, rims and any chrome fittings or discharge gates on the truck.

    Unfortunately, a high speed buffing wheel is a NO-NO with this and most metal polishes because the friction causes the polish to heat up at times and causes stains in the metal. Found this out the hard way. Shame on us for trying to save time and do it the easy way.

    Toothbrushes help save on the fingers when doing diamond plate also.

    Engine Lt. Kevin C.

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    S. J. KLOV Guest


    We ended up using Mothers' chrome cleaner and A LOT of elbo grease. We have a 1986 105' Pierce with a lot of diamond plate but we got it done. We finished 4th place being next to a brand new tiller. Not bad for a working truck. Thanks for the input. And for E229 Lt. I wish we could spray paint it with paint- it would be much easier.

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    FireMedic38 Guest

    Thumbs up

    I too have used several of the aluminum polishes you mentioned above. One way I found that cut down on the elbow grease and did not heat up the product was:
    Drill a hole in a small scrub brush.
    Mount a Bolt throuth the brush.
    Attach the brush to a variable speed drill.
    Work in the product at low speeds.
    Now a great trick!
    Sprinkle all purpose flour on the material before it dries. Wipe off with a clean towel. The flour picks the product up easily and leaves an excellent shine. It will cut your work time down like you won't believe.

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    iresq Guest


    I prefer using Cadet's. However, if none are around probies will do!!

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