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    Post apparatus plumbing

    Has anyone had a problem with flex-pipe (hose) over a welded system? If there was a plumbing systen that elemited threads, clamps and welding and could be taken apart and reassembled very quickly to allow any repairs or to rebuild the ball valves would anyone see any benifits it such a system.

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    Our latest pumper is equiped with high pressure hose and connected using victaulic couplings. This system allows for ease of removal for service or replacement. Victaulic couplings have been used in the fire service for years with outstanding results.
    Good Luck!

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    The E-One Seneca pumpers have no welds or threads inside the pump box. It looked to me as if you could work on this truck with a set of Craftsman wrenches. It looked very simple. No welds and no big threads that would need a pipe wrench the size of a Hurst tool. And it was all stainless steel.
    I saw it at the NYS Chiefs show in Syracuse.

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    The paid Department I'm on has two 1992 E-ONE pumpers. They both have high pressure hoses utilizing victaulic couplings. About one year ago, one of these hoses broke at the coupling. It appears that the hose was under a great deal of stress. We replaced the hose and have not had a problem since.

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