With the advent of the form-fitting halogen headlights for police squads, the market for colored "no show" sealed beam headlights has all but vanished. I'm looking for mid-size rectangular red no-show high-beam-only headlights for my 1979 Dodge Diplomat, which I use regularly for fire department responses. I remember it wasn't too long ago you could pick them up through Galls and such, but now I can't find them anywhere. Alternatively, I recall some apparatus having plastic filters over some headlights which act as emergency lights and/or turn signals. I specifically recall seeing this on a 1987 Thibault/Spartan pumper (E8/13) used in Tacoma, Washington. These filters were lightweight plastic and were placed directly over the headlight and held down by a lip that fit under the headlight retaining ring. I could work something up with those using window tinting to hide the red. Any help finding where to pick up either would be appreciated! Email to fjbfour@yahoo.com or just reply to this thread. Thanks!