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    fire-dogg Guest

    Question Eng-alances

    Anybody seen the photos of the engines with an ambulance type compartment and transport capabilities or"ENG-ALANCES"? Know of any depatments that are using or considering the use of these? I would like to know some thoughts and suggestions for implementing such a piece of apparatus.

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    phyrngn Guest


    Perhaps I'm a sucker for innovation and gadgets...I've seen the pictures too, and think that they're kind of cool. However, wear and tear on a regular Engine is bad enough, adding transport capabilities to boot might actually become more costly. Perhaps it would be a good concept to use these "Eng-alances" as "back-ups" i.e. you need to transport one more patient or, you can put them at your outlying stations and develop a protocol for using them when there are absolutely NO OTHER ambulances available or you've waited too long with a critical patient. Just a thought.

    The opinions are my own and in no way reflect those of my departments or other associations to which I belong.

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    N2DFire Guest


    Yo Fire-Dogg !! - Whazzupp step neighbor-in-law once removed ??

    Howza bout some pictures of the E-One "Trident" ??

    Look here ->

    the e-mail for one of the Medics who rides this truck can be found on the page as well, just incase you have more specific questions about the rig.

    Take Care - Stay Safe

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    tigger Guest


    I have never heard them called "Trident" before, here we just refer to them as a "heavy rescue" apparatus. I am pretty impressed, I would love to see our department get one to replace our "rescue" truck. (We probably won't get one anytime soon, since we just got a new Pumper Ladder).

    Take care & be safe!


    Pull to the Right for Sirens & Lights!

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    N2DFire Guest


    More Info.

    I was going thru the "New to me" stack of trade publications at the station last night and I saw a great article in Fire Chief - April 2000 on exactly these type of apparatus.

    Without trying to recreate the 3 or 4 odd pages from memory I will try to sum up what I thought the main thrust of the article was.

    These vehicles are not intended to replace a front line engine and the departments who are using these trucks successfully have carefully evaluated the role these trucks are to play in their specific system.

    I highly recomend you read this article.
    I would also suggest you contact the Apparatus Builders they mention and ask the builders for the contact information for Departments who are using these types of truck.

    Good Luck on your quest and if I run across anything else - I'll let you know.

    Take Care - Stay Safe

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    M G Guest


    The E-ONE Trident is an ambulance with very limited firefighting capabilities. Seagrave just made an engine with a litter mount for a company in Pennsylvania if I recall correct (its very green with a gold stripe).

    The information presented herin is simply my opinion and does not represent the opinion or view of my employer(s) or any department/agency to which I belong.

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    fire-dogg Guest


    Thanks for all the great information everybody. I found some info from Seagrave on the truck we are talking about and would like to find out how its working. The department is Sycamore Twp. Cincinanti, OH. Anyone know how I can get in touch with some one from there? Thanks again for the info.

    Stay Safe!!!!!

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    N2DFire Guest


    Yo Dogg,

    If you contact your local Rep for Seagrave, they should be able to get you not only contact info for Sycamore Twp., but they should also be able to provide you with a complete copy of the Spec. (including the "As Built" shop drawings).

    Good Luck

    Take Care - Stay Safe

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