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    Post Grover stutter tone air horns


    I need a pair of stutter tone air horns.
    I have a regular set of Grover horns. Any way to transform them????

    Thanks for the help


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    Alex, I think all you have to do is order a different diaphragm for them. Different size diaphragms will produce a higher or lower pitch so if you have two different sizes, you will have seperate sounds.

    If that's not 100 percent correct, you may have to change the length of one of the horn trumpets.

    One of our newest pieces of apparatus was delivered with the stutter tone Grover air horns. We didn't order it that way but we thought it was cool so we left it alone. All of our other pieces have regular Grover Trumpers, dual horns, same length, same diaphragm, same sound, just in stereo.

    Hope I helped.

    Engine Lt. Kevin C. (aka Pokey)

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    Does anyone have a website address or info on the grover airhorns?

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    Grover's web site is at:
    http://www.groverproducts.com/horns/ .
    Some of their click-links don't work on the catalog pages.

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