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    Cool Spartan/Saulsbury Rescue Apparatus

    Your department is in the process of specking out a new heavy rescue squad and one of the manufacturers that we are looking at is Saulsbury. Just looking for some feedback from those who have such a unit.

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    Had a number of Saulsbury units at former vollie dept. They build a nice vehicle, but their service department SUCKED. If you use someone else for your service you should be fine though. ( Although I can't say what it is like now that they have been bought out by Federal Signal). I left my vollie dept for a career dept before the merger.

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    Before I left my old department, I was on the committee that purchased a Saulsbury Rescue. We took delivery and were very pleased with it. We research many companies and looked at numerous pieces. Although not the cheapest, they had the best quality I had seen. Hope this helps!

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    Daniel Barr
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    I run a Salusbury as well. I think quality has dimenished since the buy out however. I am currently looking at a SVI truck rescue. Check out there quality. www.svitruck.com

    I think you will not find a better unit available today

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    BC White
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    My department has a 1994 20' Saulsbury walk-in on a Freightliner FL-80, and we are quite happy with it. When we were doing research, we spoke to at least 6 apparatus builders, and Saulsbury understood our needs the most. They responded to our questions, and their experience in custom rescue design was easy to see.
    We have E-one and KME apparatus in our fleet as well, and they are fine, but when it comes to storing/deploying rescue equipment, Saulsbury is at the top.
    Good Luck.

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    We have a 1999 Seagrave / Saulsbury (contracted before the buyout and built after) as well as a 1992 Pemfab / Saulsbury rescue pumper.

    For the new one we submitted bids to several mfrs. Pierce wouldn't touch the level of customization we wanted. Marion is nice but we eventually decided on stainless. SVI might even be the best except for two things...they are way out in colorado vs up in NY for us, and the way they mount their bodies to the frame requires the bottom part of the compartment to be shallower than most. We're very happy with the mounting of our equipment...but i don't think Saulsbury will do that again...our contract was written in such a manner that they ate a lot of the cost of equipment mounting. It turns out our equipment mounting was the most expensive for any squad they've built.

    Saulsbury likes to make a lot of roll out trays...we don't like that as much as having brackets for tools, ready to use.

    just my 2c

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