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    Cool E-one vs Oshkosh Crash Trucks

    I would like to hear from anyone that has experiences with both Oshkosh and E-one crash trucks. I want to hear both good and bad stuff. We are currently starting the process of purchasing a new truck and am in need of your opinions. You can post responses here or e-mail me.
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    Buy the Oshkosh!!!

    I was a civilian FF on an Air National Guard base when we got the new P-23 crash truck. It is an E-one. I'm going to tell you it was the most horrific piece of junk I have ever worked on. It spent approximately 7 months on and off of the first year in the shop. We had problems with pump controls, engine, transmission, airlines, the inflate/deflate the tires on the fly system, and just before I left the department a twix came down from the Air Force not to drive the vehicle over 35 mph because the wheels might fall off. The last I heard the Air Force was cannibilizing broken down rigs to keep others in sevice. In fact the Air Force is now buying Rosenbauer CFR rigs.

    Fortunately for us we had a 1963 FWD P-2 and a 1976 Oshkosh P-4 to keep us in service.

    They took the P-23 from our base and shipped it to another base, where the second tranny promptly lunched itself, and replaced it with an Oshkosh P-19 of late 70's vintage.

    The Navy buys Oshkosh T-3000's. I think that is a great rig.

    My opinion is buy Oshkosh.

    Stay safe,


    Remember these are my opinions. Yours may be different. That's okay. Have a nice day!

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    Oshkosh started building 4x4 trucks in 1917,using 2 patents for a practical truck.
    Today they produce 4x4,6x6,8x8,and 10x10 trucks.Among other things the produce heavy and medium trucks for the military. Take a look at www.oshkoshtruck.com

    Remember PIERCE is a DIVISION of OSHKOSH!


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    We had one E-One Titan V that turned out to be nothing but trouble. Our current roster is all Oshkosh, with (3) P19's, (2) T3000's and a brand new T3000i with Snozzle.

    The crews seem to be very pleased with the Oshkosh rigs.

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    I know the Air Force has had allot of problems with the CTI system on the P-23.. Here is another place you can post your question to possibly get some

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    I hate to look like I am jumping on the bandwagon here, but I must agree that E-one is a bad bet. They are a very well run business that produces a very poor product. There is a big difference. They made some key aqusitions early on and pushed an inferior technology on a lot of people who were not taking the time to learn what they were really buying. I have long said that Fire Apparatus specifications should NEVER be prepared by ANY salesman. If the department does not have the expertise, then hire someone who does.

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    I just returned from LA city fire dept.engine co.#80 based at LAX.They have 2 Oshkosh's(one in reserve)and three relativity new Emergency One units.In talking to one of the senior fire fighters(38 years as a fire fighter) he said that the concenus at their station was that the emergency one unit was far superior to the Oshkosh as far as inovation and listening to the rank and file fire fighters.
    This just one mans input.


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    //but I must agree that E-one is a bad bet. //

    So what is a good bet? Oshkosh or Walters?

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    Just curious Larry....

    Did you spend much time as an airport firefighter?


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    Lets add one more to the bunch! The Jaguar made by Ralph Colet. Atlanta Georgia has several and the Air Firce has also contracted for at least ten units for this next budget year.

    According to close friends involved in the Air Force testing this truck simply outperformed anything they had ever seen!

    Credible people in Atlanta will tell you the same thing. The challenge with this rig is that it is not a known brand so people are quick to knock it witout the facts.

    As far as Oshkosh or E-one...I must say I have always prefered the P-19 from Oshkosh over the e-one P-23! FYREDUP you are correct on the speed issue with the P-23. The problem was axles breaking and as of my last visit to a Gaurd Base (Yesterday) they still cannot exceed 35 mph per AF regulations.

    These are just my opinion based on my experience.....and you have the right to disagree!

    Kirk Allen

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    Just information for you...Walters is now owned by KME.


    I too liked the P-19 it was quick and very manueverable. I'm not sure it was the right choice for a KC-135R base though...


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