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    Question Quint Hose Loads

    Hi, we recently purchased a 75' Pierce quint and are in the process of putting in in service. We would like some ideas on how other companys load their supply line, and how to keep it from hanging up in the chutes. We are going to be putting 1000' of 4" on it. Thanks Matt

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    Hey Matt, we just put a 100' Seagrave with 1000' of 5" into service. We layed it in a flat load with all the couplings in the front of the bed (closest to the cab). It worked out that we could lay an entire section on top each other then go to the next, eventually laying 5 sections across. Then start another layer on top of that. To finish the load we layed about 20' inside the chute with the hydrant coupling attached. What ever you do make sure the couplings can clear any obstacle and don't have to flip when pulled out. Good Luck.

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    We have an 85' elevated platform with the funky hosebed and chutes. We do a flat load and short load when we have a coupling. That way the coupling does not need to turn inside the chute. Has worked well for us.

    Richard Nester
    Orrville (OH) Fire Dept.

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    We use an accordion load because the couplings never have hose on top of them, so nothing gets caught. It takes more effort and an extra person to load the truck, but it comes out great.

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    I am recovering from a severe leg fracture due to the hose hanging up as it entered the chute. We did 6 months of research and load experiments before we found one we were comfortable with. Our load is similiar to CaptCraigs only we load a row straight up and down from the floor to the top in the bed and then advance to the next row. IT IS IMPERITIVE THAT YOU KEEP THE COUPLINGS TO THE VERY FRONT OF THE HOSE BED!! This allows the butt to have a straight shot to the chute instead of tight corners. We rode on top of the apparatus as we simulated taking a plug and watched the hose discharge. By far this was the smoothest hose load we found. Luckily it is one of the easiest to load also. If you havent experienced it yet, loading the hose is no fun on a quint. If you find something that works better please let me know.
    good luck

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    It's too late for you guys, but for those that are specing a new rig, spec a hose bed that doesn't have the chutes.

    We're carrying 1200' of 5" now, but have room for about 2500'. Here's a pic. http://www.gvfd.org/quint/rear.jpg

    It's in service now and there are dividers that give us room for a 400' line (200' of 3" gated wye and 200' of 1-3/4").

    Another bonus - you don't have to lift the ladder to load hose.

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