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    Question Shorter Tailboards?

    I would like to hear your thoughts on the size on Tailboards.
    Why not make them shorter to increase the rear angle of attack. It would allow easier access to rear compartments without so much over reach. The overall length would be a bit shorter as well. Most Department SOPs don't allow for tailboard riding anymore.

    Just one man's view from the flames.

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    It's something to think about. On our newer pieces we've gone with a roll up door and roll out shelving for equipment coming out the rear. Alot of times hose load capacity dictates length of the bed. You just don't want to cut down on the room for the equipment you need to carry because of ISO or NFPA schedules. I can't believe there is still somebody riding on a tailboard!!!

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    I don't need the tailboard to be longer to stand on, but it's mighty nice to have a place other than the wet ground to put my pack, my gear, and my tired butt after pulling ceilings...

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    Our newest engine has a shortened tailboard. The biggest problem I see with it is that when you load hose, you no longer have a nice size platform to stand on. I can see the potential for someone to fall off and injure themselves if they are used to having the big tailboard to stand on while doing this.

    Richard Nester
    Orrville (OH) Fire Dept.

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    Good points about placing your gear and safety regarding loading of hose.
    I think it would be a learning curve for loading hose because we load transverse hose on smaller sideboards. Anyway lots of things to consider.

    Just one man's view from the flames.

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    The longer tail board also makes a nice place to mount those things you use frequently, Like the hydrassist, extinguishers, etc. But don't go crazy and clutter it up so you can't load the hose

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    Interestingly enough, our newest rig (1995 Freightliner/Darley) has a fairly good sized tailboard, but the second tier board under the upper compartment (about 3' higher than the main tailboard) is of the same length. It is impossible to stand upright on the tailboard - you have to hold the rail and lean out. This makes working the hosebed a little strange and limiting you to one hand to work with, the other one is holding you up. We don't ride tailboard of course, but it would be nice to be able to stand on it when reloading the hosebed and have two hands. Also, you nearly bonk your head getting up after resting, and some taller guys don't fit at all. The whole arrangement is just very inefficient for anything. We do have roll-outs for the compartments, for what it's worth.

    Frank Billington, #11
    Town of Superior Fire Online
    Opinions expressed here are not necessarily that of Town of Superior Fire.

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