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    Question diamond plate

    Can anyone suggest a good cleaning product that will clean and shine diamond plate?

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    pokeyfd12 Guest


    FF4U, there was another topic like this around somewhere, if you look around the forums it'll probably pop up.

    Anyway, the best polishes I have found for dp are Eagle One Mag and Chrome Polish Type E, Mothers Aluminum/Chrome polish, Flitz Metal Cleaner and True Blue metal polish. It's all a matter of what you think works best. Some polishes need to be applied with a rag and wiped on or worked in with a toothbrush for stubborn stains, wiped off and then buffed with a clean soft cloth. Having a LARGE supply of clean white rags is important. They get dirty real fast with the polish. Some polishes DO NOT like to be used with a buffer wheel. It tends to heat up the polish and cause unremovable stains. Just double check whether you have stainless steel or aluminum treadplate. Some cleaners work better than others on different metals. Some cleaners actually dull or damage if they aren't made for the type of metal you are cleaning. Just double check so you don't throw your money away.

    Staf safe

    Lt. Kevin C. (aka Pokey)

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