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    Lightbulb Telma Brake Retarders

    Hello, my name is Joe Gawlik, I work for Telma Frictionless Brakes as a sales manager here in the midwest. I am pretty new at the game and want to know what everyone thinks about electromagnetic brakes. If you haven't heard of us, please feel free to visit our website at www.telmainc.com to learn more about how it works. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you. THANKS! Telmajoe@aol.com

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    On the department I work for part time we have a magnetic retarder on our 2500 gallon tanker. It was built by Rockwell International and I love it. If it were up to me all of our equipment would have them.

    Just like all new things, your drivers need training on when it's appropriate to use it and when to turn it off, but I love them.

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    We're running 3 Spartans with Telmas interfaced to the WABCO ABS.. absolutely no problems, love em. When you interface the ABS, you can also delete that switch on the dash to shut it off too. Break wear or heat up has been zero with these rigs.

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