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    Question Pierce Quantum paint problems

    My department ownes a 1996 Quantum pumper. It had to be repainted in 1998 and will need to be repainted again. There are 2 1997 Quantums in my area that have been repainted twice also. Does anyone else have Quantums with paint problems?? If so, how did you deal with Pierce?

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    Pierce has had problems with their paint in general, not just in the quantum.
    We had to have our Arrow repainted recently, and it took quite a bit of persistance to finaly get the rig repainted.
    Our Maintenance Div. basically told them that we would tell everyone we could about our problems with Pierce's service, and that motivated them to repaint the engine.

    I have seen a rash of corrosion problems on several new rigs in my area. And it's not just Pierce, but I have also seen problems with E-One and Luverne. The problem areas are around the windows, door handles, and at the door hinges. If you can find a permanent solution to this problem, please let the rest of us know.

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    It is sad to hear of paint problems with Pierce, a company that has always been devoted to quality.
    The dept. to which I belong has a 1990 Dash, that doesn't have any paint problems, but that was painted with Imron paint, which is no longer available due to health/environmental problems. Pierce, since then has invested quite a bit in new paint facilities and they actually bake the unit after it is painted. Obviously not good enough. Or there are problems with poor surface preparation.
    Pierce has really gotten big, recently being acquired by the Oshkosh Truck Corp., so I hope that quality has not been sacrificed for quanity.

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