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    Question Of Seats and SCBA: What is the deal?

    Question for y'all:

    What is the requirement for SCBA's on apparatus? Is it an SCBA for EVERY seat on the truck? Or, is it an SCBA for every member based on your staffing level?

    I ask because I'm wondering if fold-down "jump seats" require SCBA's. We'd like to have 2 jumpseats on our new rescue-pumper without having to store 2 more SCBA's and 2 more bottles. Yes, it would be nice if we could, but things are very tight as it is. The intent for these 2 seats would be for extra hands at an extrication, or for EMS personnel on a call. Currently the cab is a 6 man cab, and all seats will contain SCBA's.

    I'm just wondering what the story is with these flip-down types, and what the real requirement/recommendation is for SCBA's and seating/staffing. Obviously, we don't intend to use the flip-down seats to carry attack crew personnel to fires.

    And ideas?

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    Okay it's 3:30 and i can't get back to sleep after a call.

    I belive the standard says at least 4 scba per piece of apparatus. Then it also says 1 for every seating position.
    NFPA 1901 is a guideline, they are suggesting that you have 1 per seat. NFPA 1901 is not a law, you will not be "put away" if you use those auxillary seating locations to carry auxillary "assets". The fold-down seats are also used to allow members fresh air when not on a call, or on parades. They allow members to look like the family pet with it's ears and lips flapping in the breeze.

    Dang I am punchy.

    If NFPA is "The Law" where the heck do they hide their police cars? :?

    Dan Jenkins

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    Their is no law on scba positions, The three in the cab then based on staffing more in "accessable positions" should be adequate.

    It shouldn't take more than 30 to 45 seconds for a firefighter to get in a pack and on air while the other three in packs flake out hose and get ready to get in themselves.

    Just as a side note, on a drill night time guys getting into gear and an airpack. you may discover some weakness that needs to be addressed.

    But anyway just make sure the packs are stored safely so if you get into an accident no one is killed or mamed by an airpack sitting on the doghouse.

    Stay safe

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    The standard calls for 1 scba for each seat, plus 1 spare bottle. They do not have to be in the seats. They can be in compartments but YOU MUST HAVE ONE FOR EACH SEATED POSITION.
    If you feel that NFPA is only a guide line wait until you have an ISO inspection, or till the OSHA inspector walks in. And the classic what if something happens and you have to explain in court as to what happened and why were"nt there enough scba's.The apparatus is supposed to be built to NFPA standards so it should come with the required
    SCBA positions.

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