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    Question Quailty Trucks

    Does anyone know anything about Quality pumpers? I know departments around here have nothing bad to say about them. Just curious what the rest of the people have to say about them!

    This is my opinion only and not of my department

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    We have 2 Spartan/Quality engines and are very pleased with them. Well built units. We have purchased our last 6 units from Ferrera and they are very poor in comparison. And before we start any debuts over apparatus preference, I am a firm believer in getting what you pay for and we are getting just that!!Almost forgot, the City of Atlanta is replacing almost all of their fleet with Spartan/Quality units.(30 engines,9 tillered 105' aerials,2 105'mid-mount aerials and 2 100' aerial towers.) And Charlotte N.C. now has about 15-20 inservice with more on order.

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    FF E5,
    Thats what I wanted to know!! Your getting your moneys worth. Thanks a Bunch!!

    This is my opinion only and not of my department

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    We have two (2) in my volunteer department and nineteen (19) in my paid department. The 2 in my volunteer dept. have been very good rigs with a few exceptions. Electrical wiring that was done by them after recieving the chassis from Spartan. 2) Very hard to get replacement parts from them. 3) Absolutely horrible ladder rack design. We made the mistake of recieving the 2nd and 3rd of this type by Quality, with the 1st one being on a demo. Other than that they have been fine. A bit of advise though, look at the chassis very carefully. The Spartan A/C system is no good. A 30,000 BTU system that may as well not be there at all. I know and believe in getting what you spec. At the time, 1996, this was supposed to be the best Spartan had. Also look at Dallas with a huge Quality fleet and Austin has a large number as well. Be safe.


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    I am a member of a volunteer dept that operates one quality, and it is an absolute godforsaken pile of garbage. When it started rusting a few years ago, we were curious as to why- we have a mettalurgist on our dept that analyzed the "Galvanneal" and determined that it was in fact steel.....I wont get into the conversations we have had with them....The chassis (Duplex Vanguard) is indestructible....but the body-.....FORGET IT!!

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