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    East Haddam Connecticut is in the process of designing a new custom pumper with CAFS(Compressed Air Foam System). It is a very interesting inovation in the fire service that makes fire fighting much easier and safer. I was wondering if anyone has any feedback or opinions on CAFS?

    Shawn Daigle
    East Haddam F.D.
    East Haddam Connecticut

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    Jim M.
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    Use the search feature for several excellent threads that have occured in the past. There are several very good reports available on the web site for USFA. The address is in one of the threads.

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    Jeff Daigle
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    We are in the process of rebuilding a skid package for one of our brush trucks and a caf system will be added.
    (Stored air using scba bottles for quick refills)
    If it works out as well as the demo system that we built then we will look at upgrading other apparatus.
    (The demo system was taken to a local fire training center and used on small class a & b type fires. The chief was impressed.)
    Should be interesting to see what happens when we do this on a larger scale.

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    We purchased a new CAFS unit in 94 and it proved itself shortly after. It's extremely effective for knockdown and exposure. I won't go so far as to say it's the greatest thing since sliced bread, but for our application it's great. We cover 250 sq miles and water supply is almost always shuttled. It uses a Wisconsin engine to run a Bauer screw compresser and water pump, and a KKK proportioner. We have had some problems. If you don't use it every few weeks the foam can gum things up, and cause some corrosion. I was told recently there are less corrossive foams than what we are using. As long as you exercise the truck regularly and flush the foam injection system as per manufacture you should have no problems. I've seen vegetation coated with foam right next to a house that was burned down and you could hardly tell there was a fire after it was rinsed off. If you reveiw the history of foam I beleive it got it's start with the Navy on ships possibly prior to WWII.


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    Last Feb('99) My Dept Purchased A Snuffer(www.snuffer.com) Compressed Air Foam System. We Mounted The System On A Ford F350 And We Use It As Our First Response Truck Now. We Recently Used It At A Live Fire Practice And We Were Amazed At It's Capabilities. We Knocked The Fire Down Within Seconds Of Application. We Also Hit A Patch On The Exterior Wall And About A Half Hour Later After The Barn Had Become Fully Involved, The Paint Was Still On The Patch Of Shingles We Hit, And They Didn't Burn At All! I've NEVER Seen Water Do This! Now I'm Not Saying Run Out And Replace All Your Trucks With CAFS, But It Is The Next Generation Of Fire Fighting And I Would Highly Reccomend It. It Has Many Capabilities And If You Would Like Any more Information, Or Like To See The Pictures Of The Live Fire Training, Feel Free To Contact Me. Stay Safe!


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    Our entire fleet are CAFS units. All pumps default to CAFS. All fires over the last 5 years have been attacked successfuly with CAFS. I'm not sure I'd buy a rig without CAFS, to quote the Phoenix Chief(who only buys CAFs pumper), "if you buy a pumping engine without CAFS it is obsolete."

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    Unlike da6499, I think it IS the greatest thing since sliced bread! We purchased a new Luverne with the Waterous Eclipse CAFS and have been super impressed with the effectiveness. A typical car fire uses 40 to 50 gallons of foam, a recent tractor/trailer rig fire with ruptured fuel tanks containing 300 gallons of diesel fuel took two 1 3/4 lines, 300 gallons of water/foam and 2 minutes to extinguish. We havent had to chance to use it on a working structure fire yet but expect simular results.
    Good luck on your purchase!


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