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    Lightbulb We Need Ideas for a NEW DIVE RIG

    Milwaukee Fire Department Dive Rescue Team is reseaching replacing out current Dive Rescue Rig. Our current vehicle is a heavy equipment van modified to meet our needs. A new rig would have to be at least 30 feet long and capable of carring at least a 5 man crew. It must have a walk through from front to back, and compartment space large enough to carry at least the folowing equipment, 30 dry suits (Hanging), 6 compleat diving set-ups, and a large asortment of diving equipment. It must be Heavy Duty enough to handle all this weight, a large enough power train, and engine to handle the Rig, equipment, heat, A/C and genarator. Please E-mail with any ideas and let us know what you have. We would also very much like to see photos, and vehicles spec information.
    FHEO Shawn

    Milwaukee Fire Department
    Dive Rescue Team
    Fire Heavy Equipment Operator Shawn

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    Last month we pulled a kid out under water who had been submerged for 20 minutes, confirmed by PD onscene.

    The number one design criteria is the ability to show up on scene with everyone fully dressed ready to go. Wet suits, dry suits, BCD's, tank, fins, etc, all in the cab, all with under water communication and navigation devices.

    After working the code blue victim he is up and around, and in a few months physical theraphy will be his old self.

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