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    Question turning

    Those of you who's fd owns a 4 door international pumper with a 200+ inch wheel base how is the turning radius compared to a custom. Our fd is trying to choose between a custom or a 4 door international and we would like to know if the 4 door international turning is good or does it suck we have so tight turning in our area. thanks for any info

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    Hit up your vendors/dealers for turning radius data. They should be able to provide you with inside turning radius, outside turning radius, curb-to-curb turning radius and wall-to-wall turning radius data. If they can't get for you, shame on them. Wall-to-wall is an important one - this would simulate turning in a cul-de-sac with mailboxes all around the outside. If you need help interpreting the data or want to see a visual drawing of the turning radius, check with a local civil engineer who may be able to input your data into his software and give you a drawing showing how the vehicle will track around a curve.

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    John Berryman Jr. Guest


    First if you have the money to buy a good custom not a striped down one ie 300hp etc.Buy it!! if not look for a good commerical cab & chassis to build on. Turning radious, Our dept. operates a fleet of Freightliners FL80 & 112 WB is 215" with a OAL of 30Ft.The FL80's turn on a dime and give you change the 112's take a little more space due to the larger axles & tires. Overall we're pleased with our 17 commerical pumper rigs but the inside of the cabs are so plastic and not holding up,I'm talking about rigs that see 1500 runs a year.I understand that Spartain has come out with an all steel cab inside, for St.Louis I belive,saw it in Dallas an it was very nice also belive Pierce makes kinda like the same enterior on some of their products. Good Luck JB


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