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    John Berryman Jr.
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    Lightbulb Apparatus Crashes

    You Big Fire Department type publications out there who read these postings Would somebody,(how about you FH),do a series of articles further going into the crash worthyness of different apparatus manufactures, ie Seagrave,Spatain,ALF,E1,IH. How did they hold up and is there any reported info,tests or standards? This would make for some interesting information.What testing is taking place in the industry now and by who,or is this to hot of a topic to go into,advertising bucks? Just some thoughts about our safety...Safe Firefighting JB


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    I too would like to see actual crash data.

    Good Luck, most manufacturers don't do crash tests like a car manufacturer does. I feel that the manufacturers basicly just go through the motions of making vehicles safe.

    Here's an example on both of our E-One engines and our truck, Two cyclone cabs and one Hurricaine the jump seat seatbelts are positioned so that they don't ride across the shoulder of the firefighter. Instead the seatbelts on most members ride right across the wearers neck. It was only recently that wip lash protection was built into seats that carried airpacks. How many rigs out there have crash proof airpack holders. In countless apparatus accidents you see pictures of rigs with substantial intrusion into the passenger area.

    So yes, I'd love to see actual tests being preformed on apparatus.

    Stay Safe

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    There are two manufactures who are doing crash test to the Europian cab standards. One being the truck company you are so displeased with, and American LaFrance. Here is the addresses to there claims.
    and http://www.e-one.com/pr_crash_test.html

    As with most competitors, they both have differant ways that they like to show off. But at least these two are trying to make it safer in the cab for us.

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    //How many rigs out there have crash proof airpack holders. //

    Something called nfpa 1901 requires 9g's, and it has for years.

    This Crown is being crash tested

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    I dont see how they could be crash tested to any reasonable degree. With most trucks being custom designed and then tools and equipment added after delivery changing the weight distribution you have a very different truck from the standard chasis and cab the manufacturer has in the brochures.

    Also remember most the accidents you read about are operator error. I think more training and safety awareness would go a long way to improve the safety of our apparatus. How many of us have had oppurtunity to put the truck on a skid pad and try to correct our way out of a tail spin. Where could you find a Dept willing to risk rolling one of there trucks to do agressive defensive driving training?

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