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    Question Looking for Ideas for placing tools inside crew cab area

    We are looking for ideas/pic's of ways anyone mounted tools inside crew cab areas of aerial ladders, would like ideas on mounting tools under the 2 rear wall seats.
    The idea of having the can, irons, rabbit tool & 6' pikepole mounted under each side seats, so the crew exits with thier hands free (radios & lights hanging on straps) they stand outside and remove the these tools and close the cab doors and go to work, without having to go down length of truck and open compartments. The idea is for the 4 guys to exit the cab safely, have these tools and to be ready to work in the quickest time frame.
    Has anyone done this?

    Sparkill FD - JRM31333@aol.com

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    I know you have heard the NFPA speal about securing equipment in cabs with tested 9G brackets and mounts. As for me, the pump cans can go under those rear seats and have them facing towards the door openings. The 6' hook DOESN'T need to go in the cab. Even if you can securely fasten it, its to long and bulky to be able to get out in a quick and safe fashion. Look at Kentland Co. 33 in Prince Georges County, Maryland and FDNY Truck Co.'s. They mount their hooks on the exterior of the cab in the area of the rear cab doors or turntable on a mid-mount tower. Rabbit Tool, to be carried safely, is going to have to be in box mounted somewhere and probably have a lid on the box (Similar to a map box). The Irons being carried inside are asking for trouble. Why take tools that weigh as much as they do and put them in the same area as your people. I have no idea if your retrofitting a current rig, specing out a new one or anything else. But place the irons and rabbit tool in the closest compartment(s) to the cab. If your fire ground assignments are by seat position then put them on their respective sides in the closest compartment to the cab. Just some thoughts. Be safe.


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    We used to mount tools inside the cab, but stopped awhile back. Now the only stuff inside are flashlights, radios and thermal imagers.

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    I believe it is an efficient idea but like was said earlier...make sure they are secure. We only carry portables and lights inthe cabs of our trucks. One big problem even without tools is the height from the cab floor to the ground. With those tools in hands, can your ff's still maintain a 3 point contact and maintain balance with all the gear they are wearing.

    I would rather be delayed taking care of my personal safety as well as my crews then take care of business!

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    I think mounting equipment in the cab is a bad idea. I suggest you e-mail Hyattsville MD FD and ask about the "mounted" equipment when their ladder flipped here in PA. My understanding is that alot of the trauma suffered by one of their members was from equipment.

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