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    Just got back from a trip to Saulsbury for our rescue-pumper. I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the staff there. I was so pleased with the way everything went, and how accomodating the engineering department was in helping us "nail down" some concepts we were grappling with. We don't order new trucks every year, so we're not exactly "up" on every possible aspect of this process.

    We saw some BEAUTIFUL trucks in production... a few from Tempe, a few from Phoenix, and a MONSTER of a rescue truck from Fitchburg, Wisconsin. What great trucks you've planned.

    All-in-all, it was an extremely productive trip and I can't convey enough just how valuable this was for us.

    Is it March yet? =)

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    We have a Pierce 100' platform under construction right now. It is standard for our design team to go check it out at least 3 times while in the construction phase. The design team usually consists of the guys that spec'd it out, the guys who will be incharge of training Department personnel and the Lead Fire Mechanic(we luckily have our own fire truck shop, the guy who repairs dumptrucks and garbage trucks does not work on fire trucks). They learn alot from these trips such as any problems in useful design(what works on paper does not always work in actuality) as well as ensuring the specs are followed. The mechanic can look at the "naked" chassis and address any concern as to mechanical dilemmas. They will spend all day in the shop looking the truck over, not just taking a quick look and saying, "looks good". I believe this heads off alot of problems that may occur in the future of the truck. Nothing worse than getting a new ride for a week then losing it for 2 weeks or more while it is out of service.

    Once they return, someone will usually prepare a Powerpoint presentation and share it with the Department.

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    I think it's a great idea to involve the mechanic who will be working on the truck in the process. It makes a whole lotta sense.

    We're going to be headed back sometime in february i believe to inspect the truck as it nears completion, and to do the things you mentionned. Perhaps we can bring our mechanic on that trip. I wish he was involved from the get-go. Thanks for the info.

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