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    Tom Pike
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    Question 4 wheel drive or not

    I would be interested in hearing from anyone who is currently using a 4 wheel drive heavy rescue with a custom chassis. Is it working, is it worth it and why did you decide to go with it. You're geographic location is also important.

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    Tom, we have a rescue pumper that is all wheel drive,and we love it. We think that it was a great investment,it replaces an all wheel drive pumper that carried rescue tools.

    We bought a 2000 Pierce Dash rescue pumper,all wheel drive, we are in Maryland and sometimes we can get a good bit of snow.

    I feel the main reason for the all wheel drive is for driving through the median strip of a busy highway that we cover, there are places on the highway where we would have to travel about a mile to get to a turn around spot,the medians are v- shaped for drainage so we need clearance and all wheel drive to get through them.

    hope this helps

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