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    Rick1403 Guest

    Post rescue/pumper

    I am looking for idea's and spec's for a rescue/pumper. We are talking about a rear mount, CAFS capable pumper with a 55' Snozzle with a penetrating nozzle. The District I work for is about 2 years away from buying the truck. Anybody with similar thoughts?

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    ADSN/WFLD Guest


    Are you rural or do you have a good hydrant system?

    A rescue pumper generaly has a smaller hose bed, add the snozzle and the hose bed shrinks again. If size isn't an issue then you should have no problem finding someone to build what you want. If size is an issue then I'd dump the snozzle. It all depends on your district, running procedures, setbacks from the road, etc..

    If your realy serious, form an apparatus committee and have a rep from Pierce or another reputable builder come out an draw something up. Take what you want, dump what you don't and go to bid.

    Good Luck

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    CaptCraig Guest

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    We put a Seagrave with a Snozzle on track in March of 1999. It has 750 gallons of water and 1000' of 5" and 800' of 2 1/2". It has a 7.5 KW generator and full compliment of Amkus rescue tools. It has worked out great. If you have access to a Seagrave 1999 calendar, it is pictured on the Sept/Oct page. Let me know if you need any other info.

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    mike021 Guest


    I am on the committee at my station for purchasing our new engine. We are buying a 2001 Pierce Lance 10 man cab (the largest they have). It's gonna have a 1000 gallon tank, 2000 GPM pump, CAFS (Pierce has their own foam systems which is good because we go to one place for any problems that may arise) one side is rescue compartment, the other is engine compt. We are going with a mega truck basically due to the loss in manpower at times. We feel that by going with such a large overkill truck that we can hopefully increase out abilities in faster extinguishment and rescue capabilities. We still have enough space for 1500 foot of 5 inch supply line. Like someone else said before me it all depends on what you want, need, can afford, and the conditions in the area permit you to have. Good luck and let me know of any questions or anything.

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    TCFD12 Guest


    We are also looking at a rescue/pumper, we have been very impressed with Saulsbury's rear-mounted/mid engined Stealth pumper. Our truck committee is still in the early stages and I also am looking for feedback

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    Rick1403 Guest


    I would be interested in seeing your spec's, could you send a copy to the:
    Gypsum Fire Protection District
    PO box 243
    Gypsum, Colorado 81637
    The more spec's I can get, the more information we can pick through.

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    mike021 Guest


    i would be glad to send the specs. let me see if i can get a copy to send.

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