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    Unhappy Corrosion

    We are a northern IL department that has excluseively purchased Pierce Apparatus for 17 years. Pierce rebuilt their paint facility about 5 years ago due to laws involving VOC paints. We have had a problem with corrosion on our newest engines. Has anyone else experienced similar problems, and how did you get the problem rectified? The engines are out of warranty and we are looking for help. Pierce has served us well except for this corrosion problem.

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    Just keep bugging them till you get what you want. Originally they gave us grief about some corrosion problems but with perseverance they fixed the areas.

    Our vehicles were taken to Vanec (spelled wrong) in South Elgin and they did a very good job.

    Stick up for yourself and don't back down until satisfied.

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    here in the northeast departments have had corrosion problems with their Pierces aswell, you have to fight tooth and nail to get them to do something, even if under warranty. start writing letters to the dealer and to customer service about your concerns, some departments i know of had to get their attorney involved to help get their attention. Also just keep in mind that if someone else does the work, the manufacture does not warranty the work performed. Good Luck!!!

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    We have experienced corrosion on two Pierce Sabers, primarily on the aluminum cabs (bodies seem to be doing OK). As mentioned above, stay on it. One of ours went back to Pierce twice, and might be headed back again. Spot repairs fix the problem area, but we keep chasing the corrosion around to new spots.

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    I appreciate your replies. We have been "bugging" them for a year with no results yet. As mentioned earlier our Sabre's are 5 years old but have had corrosion since they were not even a month old. I agree with a previous post that fixing the corrosion points is only a temporary fix. It just pops up somewhere else within a year. They need to be completely repainted. Currently we are specing out a new squad, without any results from Pierce we will be forced to take them out of consideration. That is unfortuanate since that is all we house now and have famiiarity with the product. Thanks again

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