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    Question GPS navigation systems

    My Dept. is currently in the process of purchasing a new Pumper and we are considering having a GPS navigation system installed to aid in response. We are looking for any information on actual systems and Dept.s that use them. Any information would be appreciated.



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    Our modest approach and system is pretty typical it tells us verbally how to go to all calls, you know left on elm 100 fet, turn now, left on 2nd in 100 feet turn now, etc. We use a removable panasonic laptop for that purpose with differentially corrected gps transmission and reception. The same system is in every unit.

    It can tell you the hydrant is 3 houses down on the right, provide a moving map display of all units, indicate all firefighters status by name every 12 seconds, send emails, haz mart, water supply and all pre-plans for all commercial and pulic buildings show up automatically.

    The unit is on a swivel base for the driver or the officer to access it, we've proven even a monkey could operate the system. It also has dead reconing so if weare out of range of 7 satelites or D correction it knows where we are and so does dispatch or other units. It can advise anyone the exact time out of any unit.

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    Nice system who makes and where did you get it, did it come with the software. I guess I am just aking for some inf on it.

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    We bought it from the local radio guy, panasonic, there should be dozens of sources out your way, I think the whole county wide system was less thsn 600K

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