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    Tom Granat Guest

    Question 4WD pumpers

    Our department is looking to replace our old 4WD pumper with a new one. What manufacturers provide 4WD. Any experiences with 4WD pumpers? We are looking for a first out pumper 1500gpm 6 man cab 750 gal water. Looked at a Pierce but it is pretty high off the ground

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    LHS* Guest


    Almost any builder or chassis maker can offer an all wheel drive chassis.

    The above units race cross country with 2400 gallons of water ans 10 man cabs. The key is tires, weight distribution and matching your soil types.

    If you don't like the high off the ground look, check out the new Spartan 4 x 4

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    2204 Guest


    we run a e-one custom cab 4x4 1500gpm/1000 h2o-it also sits very high-if we had to do it again it would be a commercial chassis

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    ArmyTruckCompany Guest


    FWD (now owned by Seagrave) is still very much alive and well!!

    Almost any manufacturer can and will offer 4wd as an option (that will cost dearly!!)

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