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    Post Tank level indicators

    We are currently specing a new engine, and are trying to come to a decision on a tank level guage. Has anyone had exceptionally good or bad experiences with their brand of tank gauge? Also, we are considering putting 4 large colored lights on each side of the apparatus tied to the level gauge, so you can see the tank level from a distance. Any experiences, good or bad, with this setup?

    R.A. Ricciuti, Firefighter
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    We like Class 1's new gauge, it works well with huge tank level gauges. We've been using 4 big lights or four revolving lights to indicatewater level since the mid 80's our entire fleet. They are worth their weight in gold

    Right above the cab door


    <img src= "http://www.geocities.com/Baja/Trails/7873/front.jpg">

    <img src= "http://www.geocities.com/Baja/Trails/7873/j55.jpg">

    <IMG SRC=

    At large fire you can see the level lights for miles
    on light mast

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    Just some little insight on the water level gauge, the large mounted lights on the side are very nice , but make sure they run off the pump shift or the brake set . we have the outside type lights and they are wired into the battery switch you can imagine what it's like at night time, IT"S BRIGHT in the mirrors. the class one seems to be a pretty nice to me. Everything's big in Texas and we got proof.

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    The little switch on the panel by the water level gauge allows turning on the water level lights even when the pump is off for shuttling, plus they come on when the pumpis engaged

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