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    Question Traffic Light control mechanism

    Looking for information on the Traffic Light Control Modules that change the traffic lights to green in the direction from which an apparatus is traveling.

    Need manufacturer info., costs, and personal opinions on their benefits.


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    Try 3M Opticom, it is in the vendor section of the board, they've made 95% of the systems in the US we have them on every rig

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    Agree that 3M Opticom is the choice of most departments. Check with your state department of highways. In Maryland the State selected Opticom for transit bus priority and has equipped most lights along major commuter routes with the system. They provide each department with three vehicle systems upon request. FD systems use high priority, buses use low. Works great. Cost for a small volunteer department is out of sight unless you have some help from the local government.

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    I know 3M is the most popular brand, however, we have used Tomar for about 8 years and had great success. Tomar is much cheaper than 3M and works on the same principals. If you require more information let me know and I will obtain it from my Chief who is our resident expert.

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    We have a system here that is operated by audible signal. It has 4 sensors that point each direction and switch the lights to GREEN in the direction it hears a "yelp" siren coming from. Don't know the company, cost, etc... but if you want to go to http://www.orrville.com and go to the e-mail link for the Safety-Service Director or the Fire Chief, they could probably help you out.

    They seem to work fine for us (City of Wooster -next town over- also has a simular system). There were some sirens it did not want to work with, but the company took care of that for us.

    Richard Nester
    Orrville (OH) Fire Dept.

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    We currently use a radio/pager activated signal for the main intersection at each station. There is a controller (button) attached to the radio in each aparatus. When pushed, it sends a tone that activates a pager in the traffic light. This turns the lights red on three sides and green on the side that the truck will be coming from. It works well and lets the trucks get out onto the main drag. The dispatcher can also activate the signal -- the EMS service has them by a few of their stations. The down side is that it only works on that specifc traffic signal, and each station has a unique tone -- i.e. if engine 3 happens to be at station 1, they can't activate the signal. It does work geat in locations where the trucks will always be coming from the same direction.

    We will eventually be switching to Opticom. The Metro Transit Authority will be installing the receivers along its bus routes, mainly along the 9 lane road that transverses our district. We have already stashed the money to buy the transmitters, as soon as Metro starts installing the rest of the system

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    3M's Opticom system seems to be the choice of this board, as it is the choice of my department. One thing I don't like about this system (or any system similar to it) is that when the system trips and a green light is suddenly given to the responding unit, a red light is suddenly given to the opposing traffic with little to no warning. Cars coming from opposing roads may not have enough time to stop for this red light... this can give an emergency resonder a false sense of security.

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