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    Question No Smoke systems on Apparatus

    Does anyone have any information on the truck mounted "No Smoke" exhaust systems?

    Would like to know any Pro's & Con's.


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    We've had the Ward Diesal "NO Smoke" system in use on all of our rigs since 1992. Some problems, but most were due to age. Remember we are talking about exhaust here. The System works well. They have improved the controls over the years and the company is very good to work with. We (FF) change our own filters in the station. Newer rigs are much easier. They have installed a switch in the dash that allows the driver to shut oiff the filter if he has to back up on a street. It adds more time/life to the filters. They were the only alternative as our fire station was built in 1938 and is on the local an state historical list. Ductwork, tracks and exhaust fans were not "historicaly correct". Once again we are happy with the product and the company.

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    We outfitted all our apparatus with the Ward No-Smoke about 4 years ago. They are not what we originally were shown. We wanted the No-Smoke because we could flip a switch and have the thing operating for an extended period of time during morning checkins. After we purchased them and installation on 3 pieces of equipment, we found out that Ward did away with that feature. So now, you only get about 90 seconds of filtering and then it's back to the soot. We are not specing the No-Smokes on any future purchases, and will be exploring alternatives in the future.

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