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    Post Equipment Mounting Cost

    My station recently purchased a new HDR and had a pretty firm budget handed to us by our board of directors. It has a seventeen and a half foot walk around box. The questions here are: 1.How much should a department pay for the mounting of equipment? 2. How long should it take to mount the equipment? 3. Does anyone in the Washington D.C. area know who would be able to do such work at a reasonable price? 4. Should the price of mounting equipment be factored in for the total cost of the vehicle? Any suggestions would help.

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    Mount the equipment yourselves. Just as sure as you pay someone to mount equipment, you will find a better place to have put particular items. I work for a career FD and every apparatus that we have in house has all the equipment mounted by the guys on duty.

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    HDR's are a very complicated mounting project. Depending if you want everything to have a place or if you just want to squeeze everything in. Also if you want to go with custom fabricated brackets or commercial brackets. Usually depending on the labor rate you can usually be prepared to pay $6000.00 to $8000.00 dollars with brackets and labor. Also keep a close eye on them they have to live with your truck for a week you have to live with it for years. Good Luck with your project. As nice as everyhting looks in Warrenton I know this one will be just as nice.

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    Who makes the truck? I know there is a place near Lancaster Pa that mounts stuff. I can put you in contact with them if it's not to far. Check firehouse.com's web links. almost guarenteed to find somone there.

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    Mike this is on the new Pierce Enforcer chassis. It looks like a real nice chassis on paper. All of the reviews have been positive as well. I'll keep in mind the offer.

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    We just put into service a Pierce Heavy Rescue on a Lance2000 chassis. We mounted all of the tools and equipment ourselves. That way, we got stuff exactly where we wanted it. Used brackets from Zico and also Zephyr. We did it over the course of about 3 weeks -- we weren't in a hurry, since the truck it was replacing was still in service. We also mounted all of the radios and the cell phone.

    Good luck, you'll love the truck.

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    We placed a HDR in service about a year and a half ago. Major equipment was mounted by the body manufacturer on a time and material basis. The cost was $8,000. Remember you are paying a rate of $65 per hour. If it is done on a T&M basis, make sure you set an upper limit. It took about a week at the factory but that is dependent on their schedule, i.e. how many people they assign to the job. Even then we spent 40 to 50 man hours mounting the small stuff. The more you do yourself the better, but there is some equipment that requires the fabrication of custom mounts. Unless you have access to a machine shop/welding shop, it might be beyond your capability. Try LSI in Winchester. They are practically next door to you.

    Best approach is to find a local machine shop willing to work with you.

    We set a budget limit on equipment mounting and carried it as a line item in determining the total cost of the apparatus. If you pay someone to do the work, it is part of the cost.

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