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    Question Urban Interface Truck to spec

    We are starting to spec out a Class A pumper that needs to have as many urban interface features as makes sense to us. Anyone seen or worked with the dream truck? Let me know what features were terrific or where I can get details.

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    Everyone will have their own ideas on what should or should not be included. What really matters is what will work for your department and what your firefighters need and/or want on this vehicle.

    I think that Class A foam is an absolute must.

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    I think the TimberLine Fernwood Fire Dept IN Northern AZ. ( Near Flagstaff ) just got two units that sound very nice . 4x4 custom chassis , CAFS , and i dont know what else. MAy want to call inFOAMation and Assoc in Flagstaff one of the guys there is on the Timberline Fernwood Dept.

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    Check out Spartan's Mountian Star and HME's SFO which are both 4X4 custom chassis. I recently spec'd a proposal rig for a department in my area which included an aluminum body, 1000 gpm pump with pump and role, 600 gallon tank, A & B foam system, front bumper Elkhart Stinger turrent, and enough compartment space to carry a decent amount of equipment to handle most of the typical engine company calls and also vehicle accidents. Another dept. I had previously worked with ended up buying an Interational 4900 4X4 4 door cab with a short attack/midi style compartment body. This rig also had a 1000 gpm pto driven pump but only carried 400 gallons of water and a class A only foam. It was basically limited to interface, brush, water supply, and limited engine company functions.
    It's hard to get the best of both worlds. I personally feel that whenever possibly all off roading should be left to the smaller apparatus like brush trucks and mini-pumper type apparatus. I think what is cheaper to fix or repair if it breaks or to replace if a worst case kind of problem would happen such as getting stuck with impending fire or a roll over. It is nice to have a larger rig that is all wheel drive, that can do some basic off roading if it must, and can pump and role to handle some interface or brush calls from the road. Hope these things help. If you need more info from me feel free to contact me. Thanks and be safe. Fireguyneil.

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