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    Dalma Guest

    Post Pumper for sale

    We have an older pumper for sale. Does anyone know of a good web-site to post this vehicle?


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    Engine 224 Guest


    We had good luck with Northeast. Expect to pay a fee or commission for the good sites. Avoid any outfit that wants an up front fee.

    Best advice is to check out the sites yourself. They all advertise on

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    Steve Hagy Guest


    You may want try try one of the following web sites. Unofficial SPAAMFAA Web Site: Free Wanted/For Sale Ads

    SPAAMFAA Web Site:

    Hammerdown: Free Wanted/For Sale Ads

    Good luck!

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    FireOne Guest


    We have sold five of our older trucks by sending out fliers around the area. It may take a little time and effort, but in the end it will sell.
    You must also ask yourself this question. Are you wanting to make a profit, or sell a used fire truck? When selling our five, we decided it was more important to sell the truck, then make a big profit. Plus in doing this, we helped out five departments that were in need of the truck.
    Check out I feel they are the largest used fire apparatus web site out there today. We have purchased two used apparatus through their service. Both trucks were great purchases and have worked out fine.
    Good Luck.

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    FireGuyNeil Guest


    Check out all of these:
    (Web sites I know for sure)

    Other Used fire aparatus dealers:
    Hillbilly Fire Apparatus
    Deep South Fire Apparatus
    Good Hope Fire Apparatus
    Slagels Fire Apparatus
    10-70 Fire Equipment Sales
    Wynn Fire and Rescue Equipment
    Glen's Emergency Equipment
    Bay Fire Products

    Hope these help ya. FireGuyNeil

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