Thread: Marque or AEV?

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    TK Guest

    Question Marque or AEV?

    Our Department just opened bids for new type III ambulance. Any one that could provide information good or bad on Marque or AEV would be appreciated.

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    cuzz Guest


    I have personaly purchased three AEV ambulances in my fleet now I have 1 freightliner type built by AEV and a type ll. I am currently look to purchase two freightline types. My salesman is Thom Jones
    Originally posted by TK:
    Our Department just opened bids for new type III ambulance. Any one that could provide information good or bad on Marque or AEV would be appreciated.

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    mike021 Guest

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    MetalMedic Guest


    We have a Marque that we purchased a few years back. Basically it has been a good rig. It has shown some wear and tear on the upolstery sooner than I would have expected for a unit that runs no more than 200 calls a year. The onlt other problems I can recall were with the Ford chassis which Marque has no control over.

    Richard Nester
    Orrville (OH) Fire Dept.

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    EUitts Guest


    We run a 98 Ford E-Super Duty/Marque Commando. It is an ok vehicle; certainly not bottom of the line, but not a Cadillac either. Most of the problems that we've run across have been loose fitting compartment doors, weatherstripping that is coming loose, flimsy latches on some of the interior compartments, etc. I haven't worked on an AEV, so I don't know how they compare to the Marques, but from what I've heard they seem to be comperable. If I could change ours in any way (ours is basically the stock spec), I would like to see larger cabinets inside and larger brake lights/turn signals on the rear, as well as turn signal lights on the front of the box under the lightbar. If you're looking for economy, the Marque will do just fine. If money isn't an object and you still have time to shop around, take a look at both Road Rescue and PL Custom.

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    Nick SBFD 6 Guest


    Well lets see, We run a 1994 Lifeline and a 1998 Marque commando, and if you asked any of our members which one they'd rather work out of they would choose the lifeline. The Marque's 3rd rate craftsmanship includes:
    Rear doors you can see daylight through when you are in the box, also on the side door rain and snow blow in through the 1/2" gap there as well, the outside compartment doors don't shut right and have gaps of over 1/2"
    between the door and the body. On the inside the ride in the back is like that of a Ryder truck. There is no happy medium when it comes to hte interior compartment doors, some it takes 3 men and a boy to open them and others justr fly open whenever they see fit. On our Lifeline these things just aren't issues, it is a joy to work out of and gives a Caddilac ride. I don't know why we bought the other piece of junk. And as far as AEV goes, I worked for a Service who had 3 Mini-mod type AEV's and they were pretty good, but look around and see if you can't scrounge up hte extra change for a Road Rescue, Lifeline or P.L. Custom, you won't be disapointed and not on these forums ranting and raving like a lunatic like I am now!!! Oh well see you all later!!

    Nick FF/EMT
    South Berwick Fire Dept.
    South Berwick Rescue

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