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    Post New Rescue Truck

    I was wondering what your department uses for hydralic pumps for your tools?Also what type of lighting system or generator you have.We are looking at a 18' non walk in box.pros or cons to onboard hydralic pump for tools.air capacity for air tools

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    Carry both hydraulic units. Portable and mounted. My dept uses Lukas tools.

    J. Haney
    Whitehouse First Aid and Rescue Squad

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    Our rescue truck is a non-walk in from Pierce, on a Lance2000 chassis.

    We also use Lukas tools. We have an electric pump mounted on the truck, which powers two 100' reels. We keep a cutter and a spreader connected to those. We also have a gas powered portable unit with 25' hoses on it. We have an additional spreader, cutter, and 3 rams to use if we need them.

    The generator is a 35k PTO driven unit (I forget which brand) and we have a 9000W light tower. We also have two 1000W tripod lights on the back of the truck. Two 200' electric reels.

    The truck has a 6 bottle, 6000psi cascade system, with an electric booster pump. This can also supply a 200' reel that we can run air tools off of.

    If your looking for a good deal on a used heavy rescue, our old one is still available. It has most of the same features as the new one.

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    My volly station just purchased a HDR with the following: two Hurst simo units, one for each side. There are four 100' reels on this as well. We will run four preconnected tools, one large spreader, a large cutter, and two combo tools. We also carry four rams, several air bags, as well as the portable hydraulic hand tools. We have a gas motor for the hydraulics and a six bottle 5k psi cascade. We put a Wilburt 9k watt lite tower on the roof which is run by a 35 kw pto generator. The brand slips my mind. Two 750 watt tripods on the back. Two 200' cord reels with a single 220 plug in the box at the end. One air reel for tools at I think 200'.
    This is all on an Enforcer Chassis by Pierce with an eighteen foot walk around box.

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    Our newest Rescue Squad is a 1999 Seagrave/ Saulsbury. Our old Rescue Squad is a 1989 Pemfab/ Ranger. Both Squads are 8 men walk-ins. The only way to go!
    Both Squads Have a full compliment of amkus tools: 2 spreaders, 2 "O" cutters, Speedway cutter (Seagrave), Panel cutter (Ranger), 2 60" rams, 2 40" rams, 2 30" rams, and 1 gas simo pump each.
    The Seagrave Squad has the Amkus Ultimate System. It can run six(6) tools simultaneously. We have five(5) Preconnected 150' preconnected reels, with no lose of power or speed. The sixth port is used to run the rear 20,000 LB hydraulic winch.
    The Ranger Squad has an electric Quad Pump, with four(4) 100' preconnected reels. All can be run simultaneously. This runs off of the PTO generator

    Each Squad has a PTO generator and a diesel generator. The diesels allow us to turn the body quartz lights on while going down the road. The PTO is used as the main generator.
    Both vehicles are set up so that if one generator fails everything can be run off the other generator.
    The Seagrave has a 20KW Keohler diesel and a 35KW Onan PTO.
    The Ranger has a 12KW Onan diesel and a 20KW Onan PTO.
    Both Squads have 12,000 Watts of body quartz lighting, along with 2 500W tripod lights. The Seagrave has a 9000W Wil-burt light tower on the roof of the body.
    Both Squads have 4 body mounted cord reels. Seagrave has 4 300', and the Ranger has 2 300' and 2 150'.
    Both Squads have 4 bottle 6000psi cascade systems, mainly for air tool use. The Seagrave has 2 300' low pressure (250psi) air reels and the Ranger has 1 low pressure and 1 high pressure(6000psi)
    I think that's enough for now.

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    Where did the pics of BHVFD's trucks go to on the website?

    I'd like to see some new pics of the newer squad truck.

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