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    Question Got a Pierce????

    I am in a department currently and on the apparatus committee which ordered a 2000 Pierce Lance 2000. The cab is the longest and talled available, top mount, with one side having rescue style compartments, and the other side having engine style comparments, with the storage bins on the back. I am wondering if any departments have something similian and would care to give pro's and con's on the setup of the vehilce in your station, anything that would help me be able to set a decent equipted truck up. And if you are in the philadelphia are is it possible for me to visit the station and maybe check the truck out and take pictures? Any and all help is greatly appriciated.

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    We have bought two Pierce trucks in the last 5 years. Our newest is a 2000 Saber series pumper/tanker with enclosed pump panel, Wilburt Light Tower and 10k hydraulic generator. Just a word of warning to you: Both trucks we purchased have been filled with small electrical 'quirks'. We received our newest truck in May 2000 and are still fighting an on going battle with Pierce to get all the bugs worked out. Just a quick overview of the problems that we are having. First of all, when we recieved the truck it was missing several items that we ordered that had to be mailed to us. We have hydraulic ladder racks on both sides, on the pass. side even when the rack is up, we get an alarm on the dash that says its down(not a good thing to see when driving down the road). Second, we have a 50 gallon foam tank that still wont make foam. We've been calling Pierce since we received the truck to get these fixed and still no satisfaction. Our biggest problem is that we ordered the truck with a Cummins rather than a Detroit engine because the series 40 was too small and the series 60 would have forced us to go with a bigger chassis. What they failed to tell us is that with the Cummins engine, you cant operate the jet dump from the drivers seat. Something about the Cummins electronics wont allow it. So now it takes 2 people in the cab, one driving and one on the pump panel to run a tanker operation. Those are just a few of the many little problems that we have had. Anyone else had a similar experience with Pierce?

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