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    M1NFD Guest

    Question Ground Ladders

    Our Department recently purchaced a 1985 ALF tiller from Keystone Fire in Pennsilvania, and we are looking to fill it with a complete compliment of ground ladders(and yes the chief wants a 45 footer on there too). Looking around we are seeing that there are 2 major manufacturers of ground ladders Alco Lite and Duo Safety. Duo safety seems to be more expensive.($1000 for the full compliment) Does anyone have any experience with them and have any knowlege of the difference?
    We'd appreciate your help.

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    Chops Guest


    First off; Horray for you and your company choosing to outfit your truck with more than minimal complement! Our new truck on order has over 200' of ground ladders on it and wish we could carry more.

    Anyway, we chose Duo-Safety. The main reason was that the overall weight of the ladders are lighter (aluminum solid-beam type) than Alco-Lite. The Alco-Lite is a good ladder and is a few shorter inches in overall size for the most part but since the NFPA ladder requirements make them so heavy every pound counts.

    Hope to be of help

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    USAR29 Guest


    I gotta go with Chops on this one... Duo-Safety ladders (Solid Beam) are actually lighter than the Alco-Lite Truss Beam. My station in the past 2 or 3 years just retrofitted our 1982 E-One Truck with all new Duo-Safety ladders.

    And again, to agree with Chops... I highly recommend going above and beyond the NFPA standard on ground ladder compliment, which is now 115 feet (I believe). These apparatus were called "LADDER trucks for a reason... And there is a heck of a lot more to a LADDER truck than the aerial.

    I suggest you look at your departments needs and staffing when determining which ladders to carry. Most departments do not have sufficiant staffing on a Truck Company to throw a Bangor Ladder, however you may have the need for 45' reach.

    I highly recommend the 28' 2-section... It is light enough that it can be thrown by 1 person... If you are going to carry the ladders, carry ladders that you will use!!!

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    FAM Guest


    We carry almost 200 feet of ladders on our engine companies

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    USAR29 Guest



    What kind of engine are you running that carries almost 200 feet of ground ladders? Next question... WHERE IN THE WORLD DO YOU PUT ALL THOSE LADDERS? Our Ladder truck carries 168' of ground ladders and they are packed in TIGHT...

    Perhaps your engine is one of those old "City Service Trucks" or "Quads" that has like a 300" wheelbase...

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    FAM Guest


    On dual ladder racks.

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    SBrooks Guest


    262' ground ladders

    Get the lightest ones you can.

    at garden apartments and other places with balconies...a 20' straight ladder is excellent. It's tougher to place at a good angle under a sill, but placing it over a railing, where you can overhang by 0'-5', it's the lightest ladder that will reach the third floor of terraced apartments.

    24, 26, 28' 1 person
    30,35, 2 person (one in an emergency)
    40, 45, 50, call in reinforcements

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    newcapt Guest


    We use only Duo-Safety. We have the C models on the older pumpers. We switched to the lighter style with our new quint. The FF seem to like them just the same and they are MUCH lighter and easier to throw when your short handed. When you go to order pay close attention to the banking depths and what your storage room can handle. By all means go for the 28' 2 section and a 18' or 20' roof ladder. Those are what we use the most.

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