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    Post 6x6 interface rigs

    Looking for advice/ examples of military 6xs that were converted into wildland urban interface engines.

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    I saw a lot of these vehicles out west when I was in the military. Camp Pendleton had some if memory serves me correct. Check with some of the Federal fire departments.

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    What kind of info are you looking for? We have over a hundred of them in Wyoming ranging from very basic to complex.

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    go to www.fs.fed.us/fire/planning/fepp
    this is an organization that works with your local forrestry service to "loan" you a 6x6. i think they have a link that takes you to a business who converts the 6x6 to a wildland truck. good luck.

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    A good source of info is Roscommon Equipment Center. Its web address is: www.dnr.state.mi.us/www/fmd/ffes/rechome.html

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