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    Question code 3 light bars

    need some help. looking for pro's con's and pics on code 3 light bars, specially the MX7000.

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    The MX7000 is a very effective lightbar. If you order it get the optional buff clear lenses, pursuit lights, and the optional lower deck srobes.

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    Hello there .My colleague at work has just installed those bars on two pickups for our dept.Asa far as I'm concerned they are an effective lightbar.If I can remember right 2 95rpm on top then 2-175rpm on top.(Rotators that is)Down below are intersectors on the outside front edge then 2 red halogens then in the middle he install 2 (Hideaway strobes).One truck he just outfitted with that bar and 12 strobes around the truck.(I don't think people could say they couldn't see us coming)

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    Good stuff!! Easy to maintain, light bulb changes and such. Seems as though they put a good amount of variety into the spec of the light bar. Strobes, flashers, rotators and scene lights all in one.

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    i don't know anything except when the ky. state police light their's up, you can pick them out a long way down the road.

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