If anyone out there has first-hand experience working on Smeal aerials/quints built on Spartan chassis, I'd like to hear your opinions and evaluations (good or bad) related to things like:

- Quality and functionality of the Spartan chassis/cab
- Quality and functionality of the Smeal body
- Quality and functionality of the Smeal aerial
- Durability of the body, chassis and aerial
- Overall reliability of the Smeal/Spartan (relative frequency of times OOS or system failures, etc.)
- Quality of service provided by Spartan and Smeal
- Cost of operating the Smeal/Spartan, compared to other aerials/quints you are familiar with
- Your assessment of the overall value of the Smeal/Spartan, relative to price (did you get your money's worth from the truck so far)

Any insight directly related to Smeal/Spartan would be appreciated. I'm not interested in alternative suggestions for manufacturers, unless you're providing a head-to-head comparison to clarify an evaluation (such as, "We have a Smeal quint and a Pierce quint, and, compared to the Pierce, the Smeal has been more/less <whatever>...").

Thanks in advance for your time.