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    Red face Chicago Fire Dept., Breaking My Heart

    What the He** is this?

    Why? Why? Why must they do this? It's a dark day in the fire svc.

    I'm sorry, it's a PDF, couldn't find any other pics.

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    So what are you complaining about. That they went with a conventional vs. a custom chassis? That makes sense economically.

    Or is it the fact that it's an ALF? I know I wouldn't be complaining.

    Or maybe it's because it's a Freightliner? That I could beat, but it's nothing to scoff at, is it?

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    I heard that those were experimental rigs and that the Chicago Fire Department sent them back. This is just an internet rumor that I've heard, so it could be false. Anyone know for sure?

    The new ALFs are not good. Detroit bought 14 new engines from ALF and every one has problems. This could be due to Detroit's poor maintence, but these are brand new.


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    Yep.. I would say it is a fire engine on a commercial chassis. As for the American LaFrance, we have two recent deliveries in our department and both seem to be working well. There is another one coming to the next department east of us, so they appear to be holding their own in this area.

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    Chicago has had a lot of apparatus problems lately. Multiple accidents have left many companies in old spare rigs. Chicago has so many different rigs because they don't want all of their rigs from the same manufacturer. In case of a strike they don't want to be unable to get parts for an entire fleet. As Michigan stated they are in an experimental phase, although E92 is still in service. They also have a ALF Eagle E 23. As for ladders they have E-One, Pierce, Seagrave, and LTI towers.

    Don't loose heart I'm sure the Luvurne pumpers aren't gone.

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    I have heard that some departments that bought convential chassis apparatus have had a lot of problems with them due to the fact they are not designed for FD use,,,yes it saves money initially,,,but does it really in the long run?

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    My old dept. had all their apparatus on "conventional" chassis until 1979, when they bought a "custom" Seagrave, and later an ALF quint.

    1956 International (reserve)
    1966 Ford 600 Boardman (reserve)
    1976 Ford E-1
    1979 Seagrave custom cab-forward.
    1986 Ford Pierce
    1988 ALF custom mid-mount ladder
    1990 MACK tanker
    ? Ford E-1 (purchased after I left, unsure of year)
    ? Ford Pierce

    All these trucks were excellent. The 56 and 66 were gas engine/manual tranny, but still going strong (if infrequently) as reserve pumpers in 1988 - since sold when the original E-1 and Pierce were replaced (each by a similar, if newer, model). They then became the reserve pumpers.

    Never had any significant problems with any of them. Except the Seagrave's air horns never worked right. They squeaked.

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    Hey SBrooks:The truck itself sucks but at least they kept that kick *** colour scheme!!!

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    Why would you want an engine like this after you have operated custom cab over chassis for how many years? Economic's is not a valid reason. A department the size of Chicago didn't even notice any difference in pricing. I also read on the American Lafrance web site, this is an experimental engine.

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    CFD has not been consistent lately. Thats a known fact. As I understand it, Engine Co. 92 has an experimental rig. It means just that, they're trying it out. Ease up a little. As for the aerials, who knows. They have been buying quite a few rigs on an emergency basis. You get what it available when that happens. Remember the '96 LTI Towers they bought (TL10, 39, etc.)? Talk about monsters and a little to large. They like their Engine's by Luverne's on Spartan chassis. It works for them. I can't figure out their desire to keep buying Central States Squads. But atlest they got new snorkels for the "A" squads. Be safe.


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